Jackson waited until June to make the jump, because doctors advised against the coach making the plunge in winter.

Earlier in the week, Jackson told reporters that the organization was using the moment as a chance to turn the page on a lot of things that have gone on here.

When I look and see all the people in or organization that are here supporting me and wanting to be a part of this because I think they all feel the same way. Let’s put this behind us, Jackson told reporters Friday.

We understand we haven’t been what we need to be for the city of Cleveland and we know Cleveland Browns football hasn’t come close to what I want it to be. I get that. We hurt just like they do. But at the same time, I think we all want to turn the page.

The Show Me State has six bills regarding sports wagering currently in the works. SB 767, which would authorize sportsbooks with a 12 percent tax rate, had its status updated May 15, one day after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

New York has four gambling-related bills working their way through the state legislature. SB 7900 would allow for sports betting and online wagering with a tax rate of 8.5 percent for casinos.

South Carolina’s got an uphill climb to allow gambling — it would take an amendment to the state constitution to allow gaming of any type within its borders. That’s what HJR 3102 would do, which covers sports betting, casino games, and horse racing.

Work is work, but on some level — especially when it involves football — you should be able to enjoy it. No one wants to live in misery every day. That doesn’t make you weak. Putting up with that kind of hell doesn’t indicate you’re better and tougher than those who don’t believe that to demean means to build character.

I don’t doubt that Carroll makes his players work: Six straight winning seasons and a Super Bowl victory can attest to that. And I don’t think he’s in a constant of state of kumbaya where he showers them with a never-ending stream of praise, either. But I think because of Carroll’s personality, the Seahawks probably have their share of fun and get weird sometimes too.

Even when he tries to coin hippie-sounding slogans like new empathy that don’t really say much at all except that he knows how to use thesaurus.com, Carroll’s heart seems to be in the right place. At its core, the message is something we can all get behind: As our great philosophers once said, be excellent to each other.

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