The Browns won every title the AAFC ever had because they recruited well.

The draft has taken that opportunity away from them, but at least they get to pick first every year. This situation would be tough for them, because they’d suddenly be the third best recruiter in their own state behind the Bengals and Buckeyes.

Thursday’s Rise ‘n Grind takes a look at minicamps around the league and the top headlines from Jimmy Garoppolo struggling to Carson Wentz’s recovery.

With minicamps underway for most of the NFL, we’re taking a look at some of the most exciting — and questionable — things going on around the league.

Meet the 1946-49 Browns, who won four consecutive championships in the All-American Football Conference, briefly a peer of the old NFL’s. The AAFC didn’t have a draft, and the Browns went ahead and signed up four future Pro Football Hall of Famers in 1946:

Those are four of the greatest undrafted free agents ever.

At that point, we could be back to where we were an offseason ago: Romo decides he’s had enough and retires to join the broadcast world. A team in Texas has its young, franchise quarterback that it’s understandably excited about.

In the end, everyone is where they should be. Romo deciding to retire instead of continuing his football career in Houston worked out best for him — and selfishly, for us too. And the Texans can, for the first time in a while, feel confident about who they have as their starting quarterback heading into a new season.

A 9-7 finish isn’t plausible, but it’d still be possible. In this example, it means they would have to beat the Ravens and Titans, who both would’ve dropped to 8-8. The Titans would then fall out of the playoff picture, setting up a three-way tie between the Texans, Bills, and Chargers for two wild card spots. Houston would lose out on the strength of victory tiebreaker, but it would change the AFC picture by setting up a Wild Card Round matchups between the Chargers and Jaguars, and the Bills and Chiefs. (The Patriots would inevitably still win the AFC, however.)

The more feasible result is that the 7-9 or 8-8 Texans miss out on the playoffs and maybe spoil the Titans’ season. As long as Romo doesn’t get injured, then Watson might only ever take the field for mop-up duty.

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